Presentation of our Association


The Association des Amis de la Forêt de Fontainebleau is a non-profit organization aimed at the safeguard  and protection of the plant and animal beings, and also of the beautiful sites and buildings in the Fontainebleau Forest area.

The Association maintains and marks more than  300 km of foothpaths, called «blue footpaths» ; among  them, some have been created by the precursor Denecourt during the XIXe century. The Association  also edits a guide of those footpaths and does, in collaboration with the Office National des Forêts (ONF), and an inventory of all remarkable trees in the Forest.

 The Association also keeps a database about the protected plants and trees, and another one about the 245 species of trees and shrubs living in the Forest.  

Since its  creation, the Association continues to carry on actions aimed at educating  young people and public in the topic of Forest protection : thematic  walks, conferences and exhibitions, publication of the journal «LA VOIX DE LA FORÊT».

The Association is a well-recognized interlocutor of the elected people, authorities and State Office of the Forest (ONF). Gathering about thousand members, it is representative and thus the spokesperson of all those concerned by the Forest, whatever the topic. So is the Association part of about twenty agencies implicated in the field, including the Seine-et-Marne Departement Commission of the Sites, the Scientific and Users Consultative Committee of the Fontainebleau Forest and the Biological Reserve Committee. The Association is a funder member of the International Union for Nature Conservation (UICN).

The Association has shown during a century its efficacy : most of the protection measures in favor of the Fontainebleau Forest have been passed under its initiative. This efficacy is dependent upon the number of its members. It has been recognized as a Public Utility Establishment by a decree of the Ministry of Interior issued the 3rd of February, 2010, published in the Journal Officiel of the French Republic the 5th February 2010 (text 13 of 100).

The members gain access to reservated papers : committee reports, an encyclopedia about Fontainebleau, pictures of plants and animals of the Fontainebleau Forest, the archives of the Journal VOIX DE LA FORET. If you are a member, go to the bottom of the page and click on «Adhérents», then enter the identification and password given by the Association.

Address of the Association : 26, rue de la cloche - B.P. 14 - 77301 Fontainebleau Cedex

Phone : (33) 01 64 23 46 45

A permanence is  provided every Tuesday from 10 to 12 AM